<p>My name is Difallah ... I was born, and have always lived in Wadi Rum, The Moon Valley. Because of the great love I have for my homeland, it a pleasure for me to share it with you.<br /><br /> If you are planning a trip to Wadi Rum and would like to know more about excursions, trekking, climbing, jeep tour or camel safari, please do not hesitate to contact me. My family and I will share with you the very best of bedouin life in our village and in the desert.</p>
<p>This is my father, Hammad.<br /><br /> He found the bedouin-road, the normal route to the Jebel-Rum from the village. His way, Hammad's road, the long and hidden descent after an ascent of the classic Pilar of Wisdom, is well known. He also opened the magnificent road Eye of Allah .<br /><br /> All these climbs without rope!</p>